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Involve your entire organization to create solutions in one platform. With Orchidea, you collect and process employee suggestions easily and co-develop them into solutions. With Orchidea, it's seamless for everyone - participants and managers.

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Modern employee suggestion programs

Often the problem with traditional suggestion boxes is the burdensome handling processes that lack transparency. This is harmful for both the organizers of the suggestion program and the participants. At the heart of modern employee suggestion programs is to make the process open, simple and collaborative. The recording of a suggestion must be effortless, as well as transparent processing. This can be achieved by using digital suggestion box tools. The right tools will simplify and automate tasks, give staff clear visibility of the status of their ideas and the ability to track their progress.

Online suggestion box

Orchidea allows you to effortlessly record initiatives on both mobile and desktop. In addition to submitting ideas in a digital suggestion box, participants can use the feed to explore, develop and comment on others' suggestions. It's also a good idea to get the employees more actively involved in the initiative process, for example through various campaigns. With Orchidea's challenge feature, you can challenge the whole organization to co-develop solutions in a time-limited campaign. With Orchidea, you can engage everyone in the organization as well as external stakeholders. You can use our ready made templates or define your own initiative registration and handling processes, which are automatically executed by dragging initiatives from one column to another in Kanban. Organizing and participating in suggestion program is very easy and smooth.

Software for collaborative employee suggestion programs

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Co-develop together with your organization, partners or customers

Build collaboration in your suggestion programs - participants can develop and comment on each other's initiatives

Free online suggestion box for up to 50 collaborators

Energize the creativity through workshops and innovation challenges

Create transparency in the employee suggestion programs - participants can see evaluations and the status of their initiatives

You pay only of the managers

Create your own evaluation process. Orchidea will guide you through the right steps - no need to remember the process yourself

Handy recording of suggestions on mobile and desktop

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"Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process"

Terhi, Renewable Energy

Versatile solutions for transparent suggestion box

Multifunctional free suggestion box software

Orchidea is a platform for sharing, developing and evaluating employee suggestions. On Orchidea, you can organize traditional continuous suggestion programs, but also energize innovation through events such as challenges and workshops. You can also engage guests in all innovation activities. We have solutions for all your innovation needs. By making it simple to record and evaluate ideas, you'll increase the motivation to participate and get more valuable solutions!

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Managing employee suggestions
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Make the suggestion box collaborative and foster a culture of innovation

We believe in co-creation in suggestion box as in other innovation activities. Employee suggestions often gets better when they are developed together and when different perspectives are brought to the table. This is why we have enabled open and collaborative approach of online suggestion box at Orchidea. In the Orchidea feed, participants can browse, comment and develop each other's suggestions. You can also react to ideas with thumbs up for example, and activate people with @-tags. We have also enabled a transparent evaluation process so that participants can monitor the status of their ideas and thus be motivated to participate in the future as well. Orchidea offers you a way to implement an open and collaborative suggestion box!

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Organize your employee suggestion program with Orchidea today, and:

Easy-to-manage ideation
Co-develop with all relevant stakeholders
Systematic and smooth evaluation
Transparent process and evaluation

"Orchidea brings people together to brainstorm and create."

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Start fast with our pre-made template

Template is designed for organizing open employee suggestion box. It guides you through a structured workflow, from suggestion collection and evaluation to tracking the implementation of approved ideas.

With our dedicated employee suggestion box, you start modern suggestion programs with ease and make it transparent, systematic and smooth for both participants and organizers.

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1. How is Orchidea used in the employee suggestion programs?
With Orchidea, the suggestion box is made as effortless as possible. You can use our ready-made templates for suggestion collection forms, as well as an evaluation process and customize them to suit your business. You can also contribute to the suggestion process by submitting tasks related to, for example, evaluation.
2. How to reward initiatives?
There is no one right way to reward initiatives. However, the important things to remember about initiative rewards are to link the reward to the benefits achieved, to take into account the organization's objectives when rewarding, to be fair in the amount rewarded and to reward also socially. In Orchidea, you can also create your own processes for incentive pay based on your own model.
3. Does Orchidea have reporting on initiative activities?
Yes! Our reporting features allow you to see, for example, how many initiatives have been recorded or evaluated in a given period, as well as the number of visitors, comments and reactions.
4. What other type of innovation activities than suggestion box Orchidea supports?
Orchidea is an excellent tool to organize all innovation activities in one place. You can run workshops, campaigns such as innovation challenges or continuous innovation. You can easily involve your whole organization in innovation, as well as external stakeholders.
5. Can I use Orchidea for free?
Yes! Orchidea can be used as a free online suggestion box. You can start with our free version here. If you want to upgrade to our full features, you can see the pricing here.

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