Workshop: Unleash your team's creativity

Unleash your team's creativity and get ideas flowing. With Orchidea Workshop, you create a lot of ideas quickly and develop them into well-thought solutions.

Our process walks you through every step from collecting ideas to selecting the best ones, so you can focus on the solution.

Get numerous ideas fast with simultaneous ideation
Guided process helps in facilitating the brainstorming session
Ideate, develop and select the best ideas together with your team
See on the timer how much time is left in the phase
The facilitator can plan the timetable in advance, but can also change it on the run

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Run brainstorming workshops with Orchidea

Here's how to run workshops with Orchidea

Start of the brainstorming session
Define the topic

Start your workshop in no time. Create a new workshop, define the topic and invite the participants.

Collect ideas

Let the participants share all their ideas. Ideas appear to the stream in real time, and are saved for next steps. The goal is to share numerous ideas in a short amount of time.

Collect ideas from employees and customers
Idea selection in Orchidea workshop
Select ideas

In selection phase all ideas from the previous phase are shown.

Everyone reads through the ideas and drags the best ones to the next phase.

Collect solutions

The prioritized ideas of each participant are visible for everyone in this step.

The participants form solutions out of their top 1–3 ideas.

Idea collection form Orchidea
Idea development tool in Orchidea workshop

Solutions from the previous phase are presented in this stage.

Participants develop solutions with comments, ask questions and finally vote on the best ones.

Select top solutions

It's that easy! Based on evaluation and discussion, the best solutions are chosen for implementation.

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