AI-Powered Workshop: Unleash Boundless Creativity

Get ideas flowing with the dynamic integration of AI. Brainstorm with your team, customers, or partners. AI will help you generate diverse ideas and speed up the process of drafting solutions.

Our process guides you through each step, from idea collection to selection of the most promising ones, so you can focus on the solution. Let AI help take your team's creativity to the next level.

Get numerous creative ideas fast with AI-powered ideation
AI helps you develop the best ideas into comprehensive proposals
A straightforward step-by-step process makes it easy to run the brainstorming session
Combine the commitment arising from participants' decision-making with the creativity and efficiency of artificial intelligence
As a facilitator, you can plan the schedule in advance but still easily modify it as situations change
The facilitator's dashboard provides you with an overview and keeps you updated, supporting the running of the workshop

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Run brainstorming workshops with Orchidea

Here's how to run workshops with Orchidea

Start of the brainstorming session
Define the topic

Start your workshop in no time. Create a new workshop, define the topic and invite the participants. You can invite anyone to your brainstorming session by email or using a simple link.

Explore templates
Collection of ideas

Let the participants share all their ideas. Ideas appear to the stream in real time, and are saved for next steps.

The goal of this phase is to generate a large number of ideas in a short amount of time. The recorded ideas are visible to everyone in real-time. AI actively participates by generating diverse ideas that fuel the creativity of the participants.

Collect ideas from employees and customers
Idea selection in Orchidea workshop
Selection of ideas

In the selection phase, participants review the ideas generated in the previous phase and choose the ones they consider the best.

The participants' selections form the prioritized order of ideas for the next phase.

Creation of proposals

The prioritized ideas of each participant are visible for everyone in this step.

Participants further develop proposals based on the ideas that received the most support. AI assists in the initial drafting of the first version.

Idea collection form Orchidea
Idea development tool in Orchidea workshop
Development of the best ones

At this phase, everyone votes for their favorite proposals. The voting will quickly prioritize the proposals.

Participants then use their comments to develop the most popular proposals. The opportunity to influence the proposals that are taken forward increases the commitment to implement them.

Microsoft Word export or further processing in Orchidea

It's that easy! You can move the selected proposals for further processing to a channel or incorporate them into an ongoing challenge. You can also export them to Microsoft Word for quick sharing with the participants.

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