We're enabling everyone to innovate.

We live in a VUCA world.
Continuous, unpredictable change is the new norm. We face new challenges every day, and even the old challenges present themselves in a new way, or we face them in a new environment. So we constantly need intelligent solutions to these ever-changing problems – It is time to innovate.

We have found that innovation and invention are often confused in the everyday language (and thinking). When you make an actual invention, it by definition means that you have found something completely new.

This is usually preceded by a complex process of research and experimentation. Afterward, it is followed by an equally complicated implementation process, as no one has done it before. If you think innovation being something like this, it's no wonder that it may seem frightening.

We see innovation as the little sibling of invention. It is not as hard and offers a more practical solution in many cases. By definition, it is an improved way of doing something or applying an old and tested method in a new area.

We can testify that innovation benefits from open communication, sharing, and collaboration. That is why we are building our platform on these premises. We want to help you discuss, share and collaborate your ideas, nurture them with your closest colleagues and your extended network, without unnecessary borders – just the way you see fit.

Because, somewhere there, the next seed of breakthrough innovation is already taking root.

Meet the team

Orchidea Innovations is a leading Nordic software company focusing on innovation management. We help our customers to systematize and involve all stakeholders in innovation process.

Orchidea was established in 2002 to assist and catalyze in-person creativity. Since 2006 we have focused on systemization and acceleration of organizational innovation.

Orvo Kärkkäinen


Orvo is the founder and CEO of Orchidea. His primary role is to lead the software development at Orchidea. Orvo has been developing software for leading Finnish corporations as an entrepreneur for almost 20 years

Jouni Halme

Sales and marketing director

Jouni is the Sales and Marketing Director of Orchidea. In this role, he manages the customer relationships of Orchidea. He has previously held sales and marketing leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and ManpowerGroup.

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