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What is innovation challenge?

Innovation challenge (also known as innovation contest, innovation competition, idea contest and idea competition) is a time-limited idea-collection campaign that focuses on a specific topic. Challenges can last from a couple of days to several months. The target audience varies from employees to partners and customers including a mixture of them. The topic of the competition is often chosen based on the strategic targets and needs of the organization. Innovation challenges provide an efficient way of focusing creativity of your employees or customers on a specific issue.

Effective innovation challenges

We believe that you need two things to succeed in your challenge: thoughtful challenge design and the right tools. Successful challenge design hits the mark in three core components: defining a suitable challenge question, brief and evaluation criteria. A well prepared innovation challenge attracts the right minds to work on a well-defined problem. The right tools on the other hand makes facilitating the challenge seamless and processing of ideas effective.

Benefits of innovation challenges

There is a lot of value in running an innovation challenge. Challenges are a great way for businesses to stay on top of their game and energize innovation. They provide you with fresh ideas, outside perspectives and new insights in specific problems. This type of idea campaign also compliments continuous innovation because it keeps innovation on people's minds. Challenges link innovation to strategy by providing solutions to topics that have strategic importance while also creating a culture of innovation.

Running an innovation challenge in Orchidea

There are a few key things you need to keep in mind in running an innovation challenge. Using a proper tool for the challenge help you make the steps easy and Orchidea is just the tool you need. With Orchidea, you can start your innovation challenge in no time. The guided process walk you through the steps from collecting and developing ideas into evaluation and choosing the best ones. The innovation challenge process includes the steps of 1) idea collection, 2) co-development, 3) evaluation, and 4) decision making. Orchidea provides also useful features like voting and reporting. With Orchidea, you can focus the creativity of all relevant stakeholders into a specific topic with ease.

Learn how to run innovation challenge with Orchidea

Why Orchidea is the right tool for running innovation challenges?

Launching innovation challenge

Solve problems with the creativity of the crowds

Built-in process guides you through the steps of innovation challenge

Co-develop together with your organization, partners or customers

Energize ideation and build innovation culture in your organization

Manage the innovation challenge process in one place

Asynchronous ideation: everyone can participate on their own schedule

Orchidea's analytics and reports provide accurate, actionable insights about your innovation challenge

Transparent process: Everyone can see others' ideas, votes and comments

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Create innovative solutions with Innovation Challenges

Innovation platform for co-developing ideas

Engage your team, customers, and partners to develop creative solutions. With Orchidea, it is easy to involve all relevant stakeholders to ideation. The participants can create and develop ideas on their own schedule. No need to try to find a shared free slot on the calendar. In the innovation challenge, participants can view, comment and vote on interesting ideas during dedicated development phase. With Orchidea, you'll get better quality ideas and add transparency in the process.

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Co-developing ideas on Orchidea
Review ideas with reports

Manage your innovation challenge in one place

Let our process guide you through the challenge and make it convenient for all - the participants, evaluators, and challenge managers. Avoid the hassle of managing complex campaigns and focus on the solution.

With Orchidea, you can manage every step of the challenge from idea-collection to decision making. Set up your challenge, adjust the details to suit your needs and start collecting ideas. In our process, there is a dedicated phase for developing and voting on the ideas. Orchidea's challenge features also provide tools for smooth and systematic evaluation. With Orchidea, you stay organized and focus on the solution!


Start innovating with Orchidea today, and:

Easy-to-manage innovation challenges
Innovate with all relevant stakeholders
Systematic and smooth idea evaluation
Transparent processing at every phase

"Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process"

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1. What is an innovation challenge?
Innovation challenge (also known as innovation contest, innovation competition, idea contest and idea competition) is a time-limited idea-collection campaign that focuses on a specific topic.
3. How to formulate a challenge question?
Basic form of a challenge question is How might we [verb] [desired result]?. After you have formed a challenge question, always vision what kind of ideas you are likely to get with your topic inquiry and compare it to the results you want to achieve. If you're not pleased with the results, make any necessary adjustments. Having a well-defined topic is half of the success, so it is worth using time on defining the challenge question! Forming the innovation challenge topic is described in more detail in our article about designing an innovation challenge.
4. How to organize an innovation challenge with Orchidea?
Starting an innovation challenge with Orchidea is pretty simple. Create a new challenge. Fill in the challenge name, brief, timetable, and other useful information for everyone to see. You can modify the challenge phase descriptions to make the challenge more appealing to your audience. Then adjust the proposal form, invite participants and start your innovation competition! You can learn more about the challenge feature here.
4. Is Orchidea a free innovation challenge tool?
Yes! Orchidea is a free innovation challenge software. You can start with our free version here. If you want to upgrade to our full features, you can see the pricing here. In our paid version, we have a fair pricing where you only pay for the managers.

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