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Case Pohde: Mobilizing All for Healthcare Transformation

Finnish wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia Pohde is building the world's smartest hospital. It uses Orchidea to co-develop with corporations, employees, residents, and non-profits. Orchidea is used in various ways, from innovation workshops and campaigns to open idea collection and management.

"The tool itself doesn't solve anything, but the suitability of the tool for our planned workflow is important. The collaboration and development with Orchidea has been very successful."

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Case Laukaa: Exceeding expectations in participatory budgeting with Orchidea

The municipality of Laukaa is responsible for local care and education, leisure services, services for the disabled and elderly, sports and culture, etc. They utilized Orchidea to organize participatory budgeting during autumn 2022 with great results.

""A significant advantage is that you can have the whole internal discussion in Orchidea, instead of having to switch tools."

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Customer Testimonials

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“Orchidea is a virtual co-development platform“

Health care

”With Orchidea, the ideas of the entire team get equal opportunity”

Elevator and escalator industry

“Good results guaranteed”


”Orchidea helps us to co-develop ideas into innovations”

Machinery Industry

”Orchidea brings people together to brainstorm and create”

Education Sector

"A comprehensive innovation platform, developed together with customers"

Energy Industry

”Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process”

Renewable Energy

“Orchidea is a modern co-development platform”

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