Organize continuous idea-collection with channels

Continuous idea-collection and idea management takes places in channels. Make focused channels for your important topics e.g., product development, suggestion program, product line...

Collect, review and manage ideas with channels and make continuous innovation seamless.

Stay on track - organize ideation on topic-specific channels and follow the process on Kanban
Evaluate and manage ideas faster with channel-specific processes
Engage to create commitment - invite relevant stakeholders to participate in development
Create a culture of innovation - provide open, constructive feedback and empower to take action
Create targeted channels for continuous idea collection such as product development or employee suggestion box. Start easy with templates.

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Manage continuous innovation with Orchidea

Make continuous innovation seamless

Idea management process in Orchidea

Stay on top of the ideas and focus on taking them forward. Create channels for specific topics and customize suitable processes. Use Kanban to manage the ideas and stay on track with the process.

Review ideas with Orchidea's idea evaluation tools

Save time in the evaluation and make the operations run smoothly with channel-specific processes. Design proposal forms and evaluation for each channel from scratch or use Orchidea best-practice templates. With customized processes it is easy to evaluate ideas and focus on the solution.

Engage employees in co-developing ideas with Orchidea's innovation platform

Engage employees in co-development and create a culture of innovation. In Orchidea's social media type feed you can collaborate by commenting, reacting and developing ideas. Stay on track with the latest ideas and participate in the conversation.

Here's how to use channels

Define innovation process
Define the topic and process

Create channels for the topics you want to develop. Tailor suitable processes from scratch or use our best-practice templates. Channel creates an easy-to-manage space for topic-related ideas and help on focus taking the ideas forward.

Explore templates


Collect ideas and suggestions from the team, customers and partners. By using a channel-specific collection form, you'll be able to pick up all relevant aspects of the topic.

Publish the channel to Internet crowd involvement or invite a few guests easily by email. With Orchidea, it is easy to involve all relevant stakeholders.

Collect ideas from employees and customers
Engage employees in innovation with digital platform

Stay on track with the latest ideas and engage relevant stakeholders in co-development.

Orchidea makes it easy to participate in idea development. Comment, react, and develop ideas in the channel's discussion feed.

Users can get someone's attention with @-mention or bundle ideas together with hashtags.


Ask for expert opinions or prioritize ideas based on ratings. Or create your own development tools like SWOT or feasibility study.

Channel-specific processes save time in reviewing, make the operations run smoothly, and help in making informed decisions. Follow the process on Kanban and stay on track.

Manage ideas with innovation management tools
Measure innovation process with analytics

Successful innovation management requires real-time measurement. Orchidea's analytics and reports provide accurate, actionable insights to help you develop your innovation process.

Grow and succeed

Create a new idea, develop, co-operate, repeat...

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