Employee suggestion box template

Workflow for continuous improvement and employee suggestion box. Ideas are reviewed based on written expert assessments. There is a separate workflow step for monitoring the implementation of approved ideas.

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About employee suggestion box template

This template is designed for continuous improvement and organizing open employee suggestion box. It guides you through a structured workflow, from suggestion collection and evaluation to tracking the implementation of approved ideas.

With our dedicated employee suggestion box, you start modern suggestion programs with ease and make it transparent, systematic and smooth for both participants and organizers.

When to use this template

This template is tailored for organizing internal suggestion programs. If you aim to consistently tap into your employees' creativity and knowledge for daily innovation, this template is for you.

It provides a structured framework for the systematic pursuit of continuous improvement, guaranteeing the advancement of valuable suggestions. It serves as an ideal tool for effectively managing a suggestion box, facilitating the collection of suggestions, and ensuring the seamless progression of ideas towards implementation.

Benefits of suggestion box template

With this template, you organize modern employee suggestion box that makes the facilitation seamless and systematic. All suggestions will go through the built in workflow that ensures transparent processing and progress of suggestions.

The template creates structure for suggestion box and makes it convenient for all – the participants and organizers. Say goodbye to cumbersome traditional suggestion boxes. Our template modernizes the process with a well-structured workflow, delivering concrete results.

The steps of employee suggestion box in Orchidea

The basic process is described below, which you can modify to suit your needs or create a completely new one. You can have as many steps as you like, and at each step ask any question you wish from the contributors.

1. Collect suggestions

Open your suggestion box and start collecting solutions from the team, whole organization, customers and partners. By using a channel-specific collection form, you'll be able to pick up all relevant aspects of the topic.

Involve all stakeholders effortlessly by sharing a public link or opening it within your organization.

2. Engage with the participants

Encourage employees to build upon one another's suggestions and share their insights. Orchidea makes it easy to collaborate in idea development by commenting and reacting on suggestions in the channel's discussion feed. Users can get someone's attention with @-mention or bundle ideas together with hashtags.

3. Evaluate suggestions

Ask for expert opinions to support your decision making. Or create your own development tools like SWOT or feasibility study.

A structured process created for employee suggestion box reduces review time, streamlines operations, and supports informed decision-making.

4. Monitor suggestions

The suggestion box process contains the steps of collecting suggestions, evaluation and decision making. Follow the process on Kanban and stay on track on the progress of the suggestions from new to implementation or archiving. You can drag and drop the suggestions further in Kanban and the automation will guide you through the pre-defined evaluation and decision-making process.

5. Enjoy the results!

Our template ensures that no suggestion get lost in endless suggestion boxes. It simplifies the processing, enabling you to focus on implementing ideas and driving tangible improvements.

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