Engage stakeholders in co-creation with innovation challenges.

Innovation challenge platform

With Orchidea Challenge, you can develop solutions with your community in step-by-step campaigns like innovation challenges. Open the challenge to the whole organization, customers and other stakeholders and unleash the creativity of the crowds.

With Orchidea, you can manage every step of the challenge from idea-collection to decision making. Build innovation culture, solve problems, jump-start a new initiative and energize ideation with Orchidea challenge feature.

Start running innovation challenges for free

Build innovation culture

Energize ideation

Solve a problem

Jump-start a new initiative

Align everyone to a strategic objective

Manage the innovation challenge process in one place

Co-create ideas and engage employees on innovation with Orhcidea's innovation management tool

Engage your team, customers, and partners to develop creative solutions with your community.

Co-create, develop and evaluate ideas with Orchidea's asynchronous innovation process

The participants can create and develop ideas on their own schedule. No need to try to find a shared free slot on the calendar. Get better solutions and collaborate easily with asynchronous ideation.

Orchidea idea evaluation tool

Being creative and finding lots of new ideas is not the issue, because effective evaluation surfaces all the best options for you.

With Orchidea's challenge, every step is easy

Our process guides you through the challenge and makes it convenient for all - the participants, evaluators, and challenge managers. Avoid the hassle of managing complex campaigns and focus on the solution.

Crowdsource ideas in innovation challenge
Collect ideas from stakeholders

Start the challenge with our best-practice templates or customize the steps to suit your needs.

The first step is idea-collection. You can crowdsource the ideation to customers and partners or let a small team generate ideas.

Explore templates

Co-develop ideas

Get better ideas, add transparency and learn what resonates with the participants.

Participants can view, comment and vote on interesting ideas during dedicated development phase.

Co-develop ideas in Orchidea innovation challenge platform
Review ideas with Orchidea's idea evaluation tools
Invite experts to evaluate ideas

No burdensome evaluations.

Set challenge specific criteria and evaluate the ideas systematically and smoothly. Compare the results with the crowd votes and review the results visually.

Select top ideas

Select the winning ideas based on the evaluation and share the results with everyone.

Review results of innovation competition
step 5
Challenge completed! 🏆

It's that simple! Once the challenge is finished, you can focus on the implementation of the ideas.

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