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Create spaces to ideate around specific product types and models. With Orchidea, collecting, developing and evaluating product ideas together with your team, organization and customers is seamless.

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Product development software

Effective product development

Systematic collection and management of ideas ensures that the most potential ideas are discovered and developed into profitable innovations. Product development can be a complex and time-consuming process, involving many different stakeholders with a variety of skills and perspectives. A specific product development tool helps to streamline this process by providing a central space for collaboration and communication.

Product management software

By bringing all of the relevant parties together in one place, Orchidea focuses ideation on the right topic. In addition, an innovation platform provides tools for tracking progress and managing tasks, making it easier to coordinate the development process. Ultimately, the right tools help to make product development more effective. You can create an idea bank where you can pick ideas when it's relevant. It is easy to compose product specifications from the idea bank when you start working on an update to an existing product.

Engage customers on development

When you are developing your products, customers' views should be at the center. With Orchidea, you can open your innovation activities to the customers, and let them co-develop the products. In Orchidea, you can let the crowd show their opinions by voting on the ideas they find the best. With Orchidea, you can also boost the ideation with innovation challenges and brainstorming!

Product development process

Orchidea streamlines and systematizes the entire product development process. To make the evaluation process easier, Orchidea provides the tools for numerical evaluation. Numerical evaluation gives you a quick assessment of ideas against your criteria such as feasibility, or technical difficulty.

Why is Orchidea optimal for product development?

Designing product

Engage customers on development and get better solutions

Review ideas fast and systematically with numerical evaluation

Create own spaces on specific product, model or feature

Create optimal forms and processes to suit on your product development

Streamline and systematize the entire product development process

Discover the most potential ideas and develop them into profitable innovations

Use accelerators such as brainstorming and innovation challenges to boost ideation

Publish the channel to Internet crowd involvement or invite a few guests easily by email

Orchidea's analytics and reports provide accurate, actionable insights about your innovation process

Free product development tool - for full features, we use manager-based pricing to encourage collaboration

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"A comprehensive innovation platform, developed together with customers."

Henri, Machinery Industry

Pre-made template for product development

Start product and service development fast with a ready-made workflow. It's designed to simplify the continuous collection of product and service ideas in a permanent channel. The model provides a numerical evaluation process to identify the most promising ideas and efficiently steer them towards development and decision making.

Explore product development template
Product development template

Manage product development

Space to innovate and develop products

Product development can be a complex and time-consuming process. Orchidea is a perfect tool to streamline the process and get better ideas. Orchidea provides a centralized place for businesses to generate and track ideas. The ideas that aren't going to be processed straight away, stays recorded in the idea bank. Orchidea also offers a variety of features to facilitate product development, such as the ability to create specific channels for each product type or model, or to evaluate ideas systematically with numerical evaluation tools. This makes it easy for team members to collaborate on ideas and track progress. Besides innovating with your team, you can engage your customers in the process and let them vote on the best ideas. By using Orchidea, businesses can save time and money while producing innovative new products.

Product management software
Review product ideas

Boost the ideation with accelerators

When it comes to product development, ideation is key. Orchidea's workshop and innovation challenge features are designed to boost creativity and help teams come up with the best possible product ideas. In the workshop, participants generate as many ideas as they can within a certain timeframe. This encourages them to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions. The innovation challenge, on the other hand, challenges participants to create a solution on a specific issue. To get the best ideas, you can engage customers on your ideation and see what ideas they like the best. By using Orchidea's workshop and innovation challenge features, you can ensure that your product development process is as efficient and innovative as possible.

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Start innovating with Orchidea today, and:

Create an ideabank and pick the ideas into processing when it's the right time.
Open your innovation activities and get customer insights
Make evaluation systematic with numerical evaluation
Create own spaces where ideas on specific features, models or functions can be developed


1. How to evaluate product ideas?
We recommend using numerical evaluation on your product development. With our tools, you can systematically and quickly review ideas on your chosen criteria.
2. Why should I use product development software?
With the help of product development software, you can work more efficiently by eliminating much time-consuming tasks that are currently being performed manually. An innovation software focuses ideation on one place and makes it easier to manage the product development process. Also, Orchidea has useful features, such as crowdsourcing, so you can engage all relevant stakeholders on the product development. See the solutions here.
3. Is it possible to innovate with other than own employees with Orchidea?
Yes! You can invite guest users to participate simply with a link. You can innovate with all relevant stakeholders, such as partners or customers. You can engage the crowd on all your innovation activities: brainstorming, innovation challenges or continuous ideation. Also, you can define whether you want to share only specific ideas or the whole channel with your guests.
3. Can I conduct product development with Orchidea for free?
Yes, Orchidea is a free tool for product development. You can start with our free version here. If you want to upgrade to our full features, you can see the  pricing here.

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