Product and service development template

Workflow for evaluation and development of product and service-related ideas. After quantitative evaluation, the most potential ideas are moved to either development or directly to decision making.

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Product development template

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About product and service development template

Our template is designed to streamline the continuous collection of product and service development ideas in a permanent channel.

The template offers quantitative evaluation process to identify the most promising ideas, directing them efficiently towards development or decision-making. You can make the continuous development collaborative. With just a link or email invitation, you can easily invite customers, your team, your entire organization, experts, or anyone else to contribute their valuable insights and ideas.

When to use this template

Our template is ideal solution when you need a dedicated and permanent space for continuous collection and development of product and service ideas. You have the flexibility to create multiple channels tailored to different aspects or features of your product, and customize the workflow details to align with your needs.

Whether you're seeking to foster innovation, engage various stakeholders, or streamline your product and service development process, our template is your go-to tool.

Benefits of the product and service development template

Our product and service development template simplifies the process of collecting and managing product and service-related ideas. The systematic approach streamlines idea evaluation, ensuring that all ideas get processed towards implementation.

Our template makes starting hassle free with our well thought-out workflow and offers a productive basis for product and service development. You can customize the details as you wish. Our template fosters collaboration among diverse contributors, including customers, team members, and experts to drive the best product innovations.

Product and service development steps

The basic process is described below, which you can modify to suit your needs or create a completely new one. You can have as many steps as you like, and at each step ask any question you wish from the contributors.

1. Idea collection

Open your channel and start collecting solutions from the team, organization, customers and partners.

Customize the idea collection form to pick up all relevant aspects of the topic. Publish the channel to internet crowd involvement or invite a few guests easily by email. With Orchidea, it is easy to involve all relevant stakeholders.

2. Evaluate ideas

Ask for expert opinions or evaluate ideas numerically. With a workflow created especially for product and service development, you save time in the evaluation, make the process run smoothly, and help in making informed decisions.

You can create your own evaluation criteria, add tasks and automate the process.

3. Develop and engage with the participants

Co-development is key when creating top innovations. Orchidea makes it easy to participate in idea development. Comment, react, and develop ideas in the discussion feed. Users can get someone's attention with @-mention or bundle ideas together with hashtags. You can also add tasks such as ask for expert comments on a specific idea.

4. Decide

Once you've gathered insights, expert opinions and evaluations, it is time to make the decisions. You have two options: approve the idea for further development / implementation or archive it for the time being.

Product development template
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