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Participants create ideas and everyone can co-develop them further. All ideas are evaluated by participants and/or experts. Finally, decision-makers select the top ideas based on the evaluations. 

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About Co-development challenge

The Co-development challenge is a collaborative template for generating ideas to team or project challenges. It's effective for engaging employees in problem-solving, aligning with strategic goals, and fostering innovation. This format allows a collaborative approach in developing and prioritizing innovations from a topic relevant to the team, department or the management.

When to use the Co-development challenge template

Use this template when you need diverse input to solve challenges, involve employees in decision-making, or implement strategic changes. It's a structured approach suitable for issues shared by participants or the management.

Common use cases are for example:

- Developing internal operations
- Seeking suggestions for implementing strategic objectives
- Increasing sales
- Finding new customer segments

Typical length for co-development challenge is from few days to couple weeks. It is especially suitable for internal innovation campaigns.

Benefits of Co-development challenge

Co-development challenge is the perfect choice when you are willing to engage your organization to co-develop ideas into feasible solutions together. Here are few benefits of this approach:

- An effective way to find well thought-out solutions to a given topic, as the focus is on developing ideas together and sharing input on a limited topic

- Quick and shared prioritization: Allows everyone to vote for best solutions with a quick thumbs up method. This also increases commitment to the results. You can make a decision based on these votes, or use even more detailed numerical evaluation with several evaluation criteria and with topic owner's expertise.

Co-development challenge steps

Our template guides you through the steps of the innovation challenge and makes it simple. Still, begin by gaining a clear understanding of best practices for innovation challenges. For detailed guidance, check our innovation challenge guide.

1. Idea collection & co-development

Start the challenge with idea-collection. You can crowdsource the ideation to customers and partners or let a small team generate ideas.

Participants can also view and comment on the most interesting ideas and share their insights on developing ideas further.

2. Evaluation

All proposals are assessed at the same time, unlike the process where ideas are assessed one by one as they enter.

In a common topic, all participants are evaluators. Participants can prioritize the proposals by a quick 'thumbs up' vote. If necessary, the topic owner/other expert can carry out a more detailed numerical evaluation of the most popular proposals using a number of evaluation criteria.

3. Top idea selection

Review the evaluations visually and select the winning ideas. Share the results with everyone.

4. Challenge completed

That's it! Once the challenge is finished, you can export the results and focus on the implementation of the ideas.

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1. For what number of participants does the Co-Development challenge suit?

The Co-development challenge is suitable for a wide range of audience sizes - it can be aimed from a few to hundreds of people.

2. Which topics are suitable for the Co-development challenge?

The Co-development challenge is well-suited for a wide range of subjects, where it's important to incorporate the ideas and insights from all participants. Additionally, if desired, participants can collaborate on prioritizing these topics.

3. Does participation in the challenge require training for participants?

Absolutely not. The challenge is very easy to access with a simple click to enter. The platform is easy to use and has clear question fields that the user can answer intuitively.

4. Does the founder of the challenge need training?

Challenges can be created by anyone who has the right to create them (the user has purchased a licence). The platform guides the creation of a challenge, but clear instructions on how to create a challenge can be found inside Orchidea behind the question mark at the top. You can also read more about the principles of the challenge on our blog.

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