Survivors Challenge Template

Challenge in the spirit of the TV show Survivor. Only selected ideas survive each phase. Finally, decision-makers select the top ideas from the remaining survivors.

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About Survivors challenge template

The Survivors innovation challenge is a structured approach that employs a multi-stage process to gradually narrow down a vast array of proposals. The challenge starts with collecting a big number of ideas. At each stage, only the most promising ideas get to the next phase and only the ultimate survivors make it through the finish.

It's specifically tailored for identifying ideas for new products, services, or enhancements to existing offerings.

When to use Survivors challenge template

The Survivors challenge template is the right choice when you need a systematic process to navigate a large pool of proposals and identify the most promising innovations. It is particularly suitable for management or R&D topics that necessitate a structured evaluation process to drive strategic decision-making.

The typical duration is a few weeks and the challenge usually focuses on topics important to the management.

Benefits of Survivors challenge

The Survivors innovation challenge template offers a systematic and efficient approach to pinpoint and implement innovative solutions, driving progress in strategic objectives, product development, and operational enhancements. Some of the benefits are:

-The multi-stage process guarantees that only the most strategically aligned innovations progress to the final stage.

- Targeted solutions: Ideal for generating innovative ideas for new products, services, or addressing vital operational challenges.

- Focused development of the best ideas: only the most potential ideas move forward in the process. This makes the process more efficient by focusing the attention on refining and evaluating only the best ideas.

Survivors challenge steps

Here are the steps of the Survivors challenge. To remember the best practices of running an innovation challenge in general, check our guide before you start.

1. Ideation

Launch your innovation challenge and start collecting ideas. Add members from your organization, partners, customers or larger external crowd simply by a link, or share the challenge via email.

Make sure you have first ideas already submitted to avoid white paper syndrome. Encourage participants to also comment and develop ideas further to get better ideas, add transparency and learn what resonates with the participants.

Finally, select the ideas to the next step.

2. Idea evaluation

The goal of this phase is to find the most potential proposals. At this stage, the evaluators will carry out a detailed review for the ideas. Finally, the best ones are chosen to the final step based on the evaluation.

3. Top idea selection

Only the top ideas have made it to this final stage. Decision-makers of the challenge review the community and expert evaluations and announce the best solutions as soon as possible.

5. Challenge completed

It's that simple! Once the challenge is finished, focus on the implementation of the ideas and share the results with everyone.

Survivors innovation challenge
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Innovation challenge results


1. How to invite participants to the challenge?

There are various ways to participate in the challenge:

-The challenge can be published to platform users, so that it appears directly in their challenge list.
- Invitations to the challenge can be sent by email.
- The link to participate in the challenge can be published as a link attachment in the email, or a wider challenge can be published on a website, for example, where participants can join the platform by clicking on the link and self-registering.
- In addition, if desired, a simple link to the challenge can also be distributed, allowing for anonymous participation.

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