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Group creates ideas and develops the most potential ones into concepts. Prioritize concepts collaboratively and let everyone elaborate to the top ones as it increases the commitment of participants.

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About Braingrouping

Braingrouping is a method for creating in-depth innovation proposals. It involves the process of creating a large pool of ideas and then developing them into implementable solutions, both supported by AI. And at the end of the process, AI assists in refining the best proposals for further actions.

The process guides the participants in an intensive and productive innovation process, where AI feeds the initial ideation and supports the generation of in-depth proposals from the best ideas.

With a systematic refinement process of Braingrouping, the best ideas are refined into well thought-out implementation proposals.

When to use Braingrouping template

Braingrouping is the top choice for obtaining in-depth innovation proposals on your topic. It is suitable for technical and everyday development problems. The method focuses on refining the best solutions from a large pool of ideas through simple and clear stages.

With Braingrouping it is seamless to process ideas further to create promising innovations.

The process typically takes 30-60 minutes and is best suited for 3-30 participants.

Benefits of braingrouping

The traditional brainstorming process is described as a diamond: it begins with the generation of numerous ideas (divergence) and follows with the prioritization of the most promising ones (convergence).

To address the limitations often encountered in the convergence phase, Braingrouping takes it a step further. Through Orchidea's systematic refinement process, Braingrouping turns the ideas into a real well-thought innovations. Visualized as a drop of water, this approach ensures a more fruitful brainstorming experience.

Orchidea's AI Braingrouping makes it even better:

- AI participates among the team during the ideation phase, providing fresh perspectives from various angles to enrich the brainstorming process.

- In the proposal creation phase, each participant craft comprehensive proposals based on their chosen ideas. They can engage AI to contribute and to create an initial proposal that the participants can then refine further with their expertise. Using AI saves substantial time and offers participants a valuable perspective on their proposals.

- In the development stage, AI can be tasked with further enhancing the most promising proposals. The best proposals are developed further to ensure they are being taken forward.

Braingrouping steps

1. Ideation

The group and AI generate ideas simultaneously. AI supports and stimulates participants' ideation. It results in dozens or even hundreds of creative ideas from different angles. Default phase length: 8 min.

2. Idea selection

Each participant selects the most promising ideas by simply clicking on them. This is done individually to avoid group thinking. Default phase length: 5 min.

3. Proposal collection

Individuals' selections made in the previous phase determine the order of ideas in this phase. Each participant develops thoughtful proposals from them with the help of AI.

Default phase length:10 min.

4. Voting

Everyone now reviews the proposals and gives a thumbs up votes to the top ones. The default is 4 votes per person, but the facilitator has the flexibility to modify it as well as monitor the selection process.

The default phase length is 5 minutes.

5. Development

In many brainstorming methods, refining proposals comes before voting, but the Braingrouping method offers a more effective approach:

First, vote for the top proposals to quickly rank them to get the support order of the group. Then, everyone focuses on further refining these top-ranked proposals, contributing their insights.

These proposals are refined collectively by the group, creating a sense of shared ownership and commitment to carry them forward.

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1. How do I make sure I know how to facilitate a workshop?

Orchidea's template guides you through the steps of the workshop, so that the facilitation is as easy as it can be. However, here are few tips:

- You can practice by yourself with AI and go through the steps in a few minutes and archive your topic after. You can also invite yourself in with a link and copy the invitation to another browser or another tab and see what the process looks like for the participant.

- AI can also help you formulate a good brainstorming question if you want.

- For the facilitator, there is a facilitator icon at the top of the process bar at each stage, where you can get tips for yourself if needed and see the participants' readiness level at each stage.

2. How does the group size affect the process?

Braingrouping suits for both smaller and larger groups. Here are a few things to consider:

- With a large group, you have more ideas to go through, so allocate extra time for evaluation. Use the top bar controls to adjust stage durations as needed.

- In smaller groups, allow more time for generating thoughtful proposals, aiming for at least 10 proposals.

- Facilitators can use the facilitator icon to gauge participant readiness at each stage and ask if more time is needed.

3. How to invite participants to a workshop?

With Orchidea, it's super easy. After writing down the topic, the next step is to invite participants. Inviting is fast and there are three options: By participants' email, by a link that requires authentication, or via a simple link.

4. Can a first-timer run a workshop with Braingrouping?

Absolutely! Even if you're new to facilitating, our template makes it accessible. The platform provides step-by-step guidance, so even if you forget to give instructions, it'll steer participants in the right direction and offer brief explanations.

Plus, participants can refer to the Brief tab for general guidance when they need. It's designed to make your virtual workshop a productive and engaging experience for all participants.

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