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Participants create ideas, prioritize them, and finally group them into themes. This is a good basis for agreeing the next steps.

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About Idea grouping

The Idea grouping template is a structured workshop method to collaboratively shape a shared vision of a specific topic, offering a robust foundation for future work.

With the help of AI, participants generate a large number of ideas, which are then ranked through voting. The most supported ideas are clustered into groups, each named with descriptive labels. The output can be used in reaching consensus on next steps or serving as a launching pad for future group discussions.

When to use Idea grouping template

Idea grouping is suitable when a group needs to quickly find the best common understanding for further steps. The method is suitable for all types of topics.

The process takes around 25 minutes and the typical number of participants is between 3-50 people.

Benefits of Idea grouping

Idea grouping is a quick way to get a collective view on the main topics among the participants. The speed of idea generation is accelerated by the digital process and the involvement of AI. AI ideas feed the creativity of the participants and stimulate diversified ideas.

It's super easy for first-timers to participate and the Idea grouping method works well in a virtual setting. The results produced together create a good basis for further actions.

Idea grouping steps

1. Ideation

Everyone records their own ideas as AI is also generating ideas at a pace that stimulates participants' creativity without overpowering it. The AI can also be left out if the aim is just to collect the participants' existing insights and prioritize them, or group them into headgroups.

Dozens or hundreds of ideas are quickly generated, with a default time of 8 min.

2. Idea selection

Everyone chooses the ideas they find most interesting. This is done by quickly reading and clicking on their preferred ideas, with a list of selections gathered to the right.

As selection are done individually, "group thinking" will not drive the choices.

The default time is 5 minutes, but you can adjust it as you wish.

3. Idea grouping

The facilitator leads the discussion of transferring ideas to groups of similar ideas.

Finally, the groups are given descriptive names and next steps are agreed at the end of the process. Note: While everyone has the right to move ideas into groups, doing it together through discussion creates a common understanding of the final outcome.

4. Done!

Enjoy the results and review them with a wide range of reports.


1. Is there something to consider in facilitation?

For the facilitator, there is a facilitator icon at the top of the process bar at each stage, where you can get tips to help you if needed and see the level of readiness of the participants at that stage. You can also ask questions to ensure that there is enough time for the participants.

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