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Collect ideas from all stakeholders with ease

Develop ideas into innovations. Orchidea has solutions for all your innovation activities from team brainstorming to crowdsourcing. Engage all relevant stakeholders in the collaboration and manage ideas with ease.

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Idea management platform

Collaborate with customers, partners, and other stakeholders

Harness the power of open innovation. Co-create with your employees or customers and ensure all stakeholders have their voice heard in your project. Inviting guests is easy and safe.

Easy and visual idea management

Get more out of your ideas with effortless visual idea management. Streamline processes and take full advantage of automation features for hassle-free productivity.

Customize the process right for your business

Customize a process to support your goals. You can use our ready-made templates or tailor your own process perfectly for your needs.
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"Orchidea helps us to co-develop ideas into innovations"
Henri, Machinery industry

Fix complicated idea management

Innovating with all key stakeholders is vital for success. Collecting ideas from multiple sources might be burdensome. Orchidea has tackled the problem and made the whole innovation seamless in one platform. From generating ideas with versatile features to evaluation and decision-making.
Idea management system

Don’t have a clear system for idea management?

Without a clear system, it’s difficult to keep track on ideas and collaborate efficiently. Not to mention time-consuming processes to organize ideas, lack of visibility or and loss of potential opportunities due to inefficient decision-making. With Orchidea, you can manage the ideas systematically and automate tasks.

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Innovation tools

Do you have a different tool for everything?

Are you using different tools for surveys, brainstorming, emails, spreadsheets, saving ideas, development… Navigating between different software can be time-consuming and complicated. With Orchidea, you can organize all your innovation in one place.

Learn what you can do with Orchidea

How to turn ideas into innovations from all stakeholders with ease?

Organize the whole process from ideation to development and evaluation with Orchidea. You can do it all in one place and make the innovating smooth.

Collect ideas

Engage your customers, employees and partners into innovation and collect ideas wherever they are

Orchidea provides the tools to encourage engagement and collaboration. Invite your team to a workshop, launch an innovation challenge, collaborate with your employees, or publish a channel for crowdsourcing. You can involve all stakeholders quickly with a link. Plus, they can participate wherever they are easily on either desktop or mobile app!

”Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process”

Terhi, Renewable energy

Innovation engagement
Innovation engagement app


Develop ideas into innovations together and get better results

Users can explore ideas in social media like feed, and share their thoughts with comments and reactions. Invite experts to a specific idea with an @-tag, or bundle ideas together with hashtags. Collaboration with Orchidea is easy!

”Orchidea helps us to co-develop ideas into innovations”

“Henri, Machinery industry”

Evaluate and manage

Systemize innovation and manage ideas effortlessly

Create a seamless environment where ideas flow effortlessly. No need to put all the time and effort into managing ideas. In Orchidea, you can build the best process for your business and automate the steps. Save time to focus on creating and implementing great ideas, not managing them.

"A comprehensive innovation platform, developed together with customers"

”Jukka, Energy industry”

Innovation management system

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“Orchidea is a virtual co-development platform“

Health care

”With Orchidea, the ideas of the entire team get equal opportunity”

Elevator and escalator industry

“Good results guaranteed”


”Orchidea helps us to co-develop ideas into innovations”

Machinery Industry

”Orchidea brings people together to brainstorm and create”

Education Sector

"A comprehensive innovation platform, developed together with customers"

Energy Industry

”Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process”

Renewable Energy

“Orchidea is a modern co-development platform”

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