We are developing a platform for innovation

We all have tens of thousands of thoughts every day. Much of them are background noise, some of them arise as automatic reactions to an environmental stimulus, and only a tiny fraction of them are consciously generated.

Some of these thoughts possess the seed for innovations, but the funny thing is you can never say in advance which ones. You'll have to share, document, and discuss them – nourish and nurture them – to see what happens.

In this way, ideas resemble orchids. They need the best possible platform to grow into innovations.

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All-in-one idea platform for innovation

All-in-one idea platform

Orchidea is a platform that helps businesses and organizations to collect insights, ideas and invention disclosure reports. They do this through permanent channels or with campaigns like innovation challenges and digital workshops.

What our customers are saying about us

”Orchidea helps us to co-develop ideas into innovations”

Machinery Industry

"A comprehensive innovation platform, developed together with customers"

Energy Industry

”Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process”

Renewable Energy

”Orchidea brings people together to brainstorm and create.”

Education Sector

Need driven

Create idea channels for topics that are looking for solutions and make your innovations fly.

Create your own idea form and process

Create your own idea process that fits your needs or use our best practice templates

Involve partners and customers

You can open your idea channel to internet, invite guest users and share your channel with other Orchidea users

Solutions are endless.

There are multiple ways to use the platform to serve you, your organization and your needs.


You can generate ideas and suggestions in many ways: with topic specific channels, by organizing an innovation challenge or online brainstorming. Or crowdsource ideas from customers and partners.

Idea development

Let the crowd develop or ask specialist to improve your ideas. Once an idea is ready, evaluate it effectively utilizing automation. And even if you would archive the idea, it would be easy to find later with the extensive search capabilities.

Innovation challenge

Innovation challenge is an excellent way to focus the creativity of the crowd on an organizationally important topic. Challenge may be executed as a small group ideation or as organization wide campaign with C-level sponsor.


Run workshops face-to-face or in remote meetings. Turn yourself into a hero facilitator with the easy-to-use step-by-step process. As one of our users said:
"Almost too easy to do!"

Analytics and reporting

Successful innovation management requires real time measurement. Orchidea's analytics and reports provide accurate, actionable insights about your innovation process.


A modern innovation software is easy to integrate with your existing IT-environment. Orchidea talks fluently with Active Directory, G-Suite, intranet and Teams. Just to name a few.