Create, develop and evaluate ideas with AI

Want to make your innovation more efficient, creative and smart? Let our AI helps you foster innovation.

Fast AI-powered idea generation with workshops

Better quality ideas with AI idea refining

Save time in idea processing with AI-assisted idea evaluation

High-level data security

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"A comprehensive innovation platform, developed together with customers."

Jukka, Energy Industry

Here's how to harness AI in innovation

We're continuously developing Orchidea's AI capabilities to make innovation smarter, more seamless and easier.
First step of the innovation management process is to define the topic
Brainstorm with AI

Add creativity to digital brainstorming with AI-boosted workshop. AI generates diverse ideas among others and speed up the process of drafting solutions.

Explore AI-powered workshop
Chat with AI and get new insights

Need some help to enhance your ideas? Chat with AI and ask for improvement suggestions, technical additions, risks or benefits.

Collect ideas with Orchidea
Engage employees on innovation and idea development with Orchidea
Create images for ideas with AI

Bring your ideas to life fast with AI generated visuals. Effortlessly communicate concepts with AI-generated images.

COMING SOON: evaluate
Streamline idea processing with AI

Define evaluation criteria and let the AI review your ideas. Make informed decisions quickly and move potential ideas forward.

Innovation management tool helps you stay on track of ideas
Accelerate innovation

Develop a new idea, brainstorm, hold an innovation challenge, co-operate, repeat... AI saves time and increases quality.


Why use Orchidea AI for innovation?

Managing ideas online

Fast AI-powered idea generation with workshops

Better quality ideas with AI idea refining

Save time in idea processing with AI-assisted idea evaluation

Easy idea visualization with AI created images

Create solution drafts from ideas in a snap

High-level data security

Multi-language support in AI workshops

and more!


"Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process"

Terhi, Renewable Energy

Save time and increase quality in innovation with AI

Generate better ideas, faster with AI

In the Orchidea workshop, AI collaborates seamlessly with participants. It generates unbiased ideas at a steady pace supporting the creativity of the team and providing new viewpoints. AI plays a crucial role in further developing and refining ideas. This interaction between AI and participants fosters a more innovative and productive atmosphere, leading to the creation of high-quality ideas with greater efficiency.

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Collecting ideas in brainstorming

Coming soon: Streamline idea processing with AI

AI not only creates ideas, but help you refine and process them. AI makes unbiased suggestions of numerical and text evaluations based on your predefined criteria saving you valuable time. It can also develop ideas, find similarities and combine ideas. No need to do the processing by yourself from scratch.


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Demo: AI in idea management

Innovate with AI from idea generation to evaluation

How to streamline idea management with AI in practice? In the webinar recording, we cover everything from data security to Orchidea's AI features including AI chat, brainstorming, and evaluation.

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"A huge number of ideas were generated in a short period of time. Further processing is what is often missing in post-it note workshops but here it was systematically done. All ideas were documented."


1. Is Orchidea AI data secure?
Yes, Orchidea prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. We use ChatGPT, but in much more data secure way. Your information won't be used to train the AI, can't be linked to you or your business and the information is removed in 30 days. We ensure that your information remains safe and confidential.
2. What can I do with Orchidea AI?
With Orchidea AI, you'll get versatile ways to boost innovation, for example:
- Collaborative brainstorming sessions with AI-powered idea generation and development.
- Develop and refine your ideas through chat-based interactions with AI.
- Evaluate your ideas with your chosen criteria.
- Visualize your concepts with AI-generated images and graphics for enhanced communication and presentation.
3. Is there a credit limitation for Orchidea AI?
Orchidea offers flexible pricing plans to choose the best to your organization's needs. While certain plans may have credit limitations based on usage, we strive to provide scalable solutions that accommodate your innovation requirements. Check our pricing options and find the plan that best suits your needs.
4. Can Orchidea AI create images for ideas?
Yes, Orchidea AI offers features for idea visualization, including AI-generated images. Let AI create visually compelling pictures to effectively communicate your ideas and concepts.
5. Is Orchidea a free AI innovation tool?
Yes, we have a free version where you can try out the AI features! Starting for free is the best and easiest way to experience the Orchidea AI for innovation. You can start for free here.
7. Does Orchidea have AI support in brainstorming?
Yes! AI has become a valuable help in ideation. That's why we have harnessed AI in our Workshop to help generating creative out of the box ideas and developing solutions fast. You can read our blog posts on AI-driven innovation here!

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