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In order to maintain a competitive edge, companies must constantly innovate and find new ways to improve their products and services. One way to reduce the risk and cost of innovation is to embrace open innovation. Open innovation is a model in which companies work with external partners to generate new ideas. By using open innovation, you increase commitment of the participants, lower development costs and understand customer needs better. According to PwC's strategy& consulting arm, companies which observe the needs of their customer in direct contact, are more successful in their innovation. Good customer understanding is also reflected in the financial results as profits of these companies grew 3x faster than other companies.

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Open innovation is well supported in Orchidea, where you can develop ideas together with all relevant stakeholders. With Orchidea, you can easily invite partners and customers to share ideas or even crowdsource ideation to a larger group. In Orchidea, you can open all your innovation activities to the crowd - workshops, innovation challenges and continuous innovation. You can also restrict access to only selected workspaces, so that the visitors don't have visibility to your internal innovation activities.

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"Easy-to-use platform for collecting ideas and suggestions in the innovation process"

Terhi, Renewable Energy

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Orchidea is an innovation platform that helps companies to develop products and services through open innovation. This means involving customers, partners and the crowd in the development process. Orchidea provides a space for collaboration, where ideas can be shared and developed. You can engage guests to all your innovation activities: continuous innovation and idea campaigns such as brainstorming and innovation challenges. We have the solutions for all your open innovation needs! By inviting input from a wide range of stakeholders, organizations can tap into new ideas and perspectives that they might not otherwise have considered.

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Collaborate with your customers, partners or other stakeholders and get fresh new ideas fast

Open innovation and collaboration can bring a wealth of benefits to any organization. Moreover, open innovation can help to speed up the development process, as it allows companies to access a wider range of ideas and expertise. Orchidea's platform provides a powerful tool for driving innovation within organizations. In Orchidea, you can engage the crowd in multiple ways. You can invite guests as a full user in the channel or in a specific idea, engage the crowds in your innovation challenges, publish only the proposal form for crowdsourcing, and more. You can also invite experts to evaluate ideas and make the evaluation process suit exactly your needs. Orchidea provides you a way to engage the customers, experts or partners the way you want, even with the free plan!


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1. What is open innovation?
Open innovation is sharing ideas and resources from outside sources of creativity in order to create new products or services. Open innovation fosters a spirit of collaboration and sharing. By opening up the innovation process, companies can access a wider range of ideas and talents, which can lead to more successful products and services.
2. What are the benefits of open innovation?
There are a number of benefits associated with open innovation, including the following:
- Increased creativity and innovation: By opening up the process of innovation to a wider group of people, organizations can tap into a greater pool of creativity and generate more innovative solutions.
- Improved efficiency: Open innovation can help organizations to avoid duplication of effort and make better use of scarce resources.
- Greater flexibility: Open innovation allows organizations to be more responsive to changing circumstances and adapt quickly to new challenges.
- Enhanced competitiveness: In today's increasingly globalized and competitive marketplace, open innovation can give organizations a significant competitive advantage.
- And more! These are just some of the advantages that can be achieved through open innovation. When implemented effectively, open innovation can bring significant benefits to any organization.
3. How to organize open innovation with Orchidea?
With Orchidea, there are multiple ways to open innovation and crowdsourcing ideation. You can collect ideas and suggestions from team, customers and partners in workshops, innovation challenges or continuous ideation. You can publish the channel to internet crowd involvement or invite a few guests easily by email. With Orchidea it is easy to involve all relevant stakeholders.
4. Is Orchidea a free tool for open innovation?
Yes, Orchidea is a free open innovation software. You can start with our free version here. Our free version offers you a great start for opening your innovation activities to the whole organization, customers and partners. If you want to upgrade to our full features, you can see the pricing here.

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